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An Advanced Supplier for Advancing Industries

bet356体育4M Industries serves a variety of markets, including medical, aerospace, automotive and weaponry. Customers count on us for reliability and utmost quality control in everything we do. In an age where overseas manufacturing seems to be the low-cost solution, we deliver an exceptional value to our customers—especially when all the hidden costs of time and money spent on quality, communication and logistics are considered. Our ability to manufacture precision components from a broad spectrum of base materials makes 4M a unique supplier. Whether you need a single high-value prototype or are looking for larger production volumes, 4M is your one-stop source.


Our partnerships with companies across the globe demonstrate
bet356体育 our ability to deliver a valuable product in today’s world economy.


4M has a long history of process compliance in this industry
as evidenced by a sundry of components that end up in the
vehicles people drive every day.


Our commitment to lean manufacturing principles lets us help
bet356体育 customers bring life-saving products to market more efficiently.


We take our role in manufacturing components that directly affect
the security of our fellow countrymen and women seriously, and
our processes reflect this attitude.